We rely heavily on our many years of print industry training and experience


Digital Rush is a leading Design, Print and Print management company based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in design, digital printing, offset printing, Large Format printing and print management. We take your printing and logistical hassles away by understanding your business needs and deliver a personalised end to end service for any sized job. We recognise that to be able to deliver, partnering with each of our clients is important to create and execute customisable solutions on every assignment. This is how we like to do things. Work with a forward thinking, client driven company that’s a Member of the Printing Industries and has won National Print awards. At Digital Rush, we are just as passionate about your print projects and want to work with you to solve any of your challenges.

About Us

With over 30 years of experience in pre-press, design, print and print management, our knowledge and expertise is trusted in the print industry especially when it comes to managing the printing process. We pride ourselves in using the latest software and efficient processing whilst building strong relationships with our clients in the process. At Digital Rush, we are passionate about understanding your business and projects so that specifications are met and within budget without compromising on quality. You can be rest assured that we will deliver on time as scheduled. We take pride in understanding your goals and staying reliable and flexible from start to finish on every project.