Design & Photography

Great design helps marry your business ideas with photography to speak to your audience. This can help conceptualise your message and brand. We do this by giving your brand a voice and creating customised designs teamed with photography if needed that provide a human quality for your brand, one that engages your audience and builds loyalty.


We provide marketing materials that have clarity in the messaging and representation of your brand and business. Allow us to design, create and print point of sale artwork that covers all types of packaging and Point of Sale needs. These can range from packaging materials like Counter cards, wobblers, shelf bus stop display, shelf wings, cartons, labels and hanging displays to promotional items.


Let Digital Rush come to your rescue. When your business needs brainstorming around creative print designs within a tight budget and short time frame, we can help. We will materialise your ideas into print format whether it’s POS, Offset or in Large format. We will work with you to translate your ideas into a visual solution for your target audience.